Client Part
To connect user's PC to the JoinU (optional)
Server Part
To install on main meeting room's PC
Multifunctional Software from Prestigio Solutions
for meeting rooms or classrooms of any size

Screen Mirror | Any Video Conference | Meeting Calendar Integration | Wireless Operation | One Touch Join
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With JoinU’s cross launch feature, you can join video conferencing meetings using any meeting invite link.

  • Single click join;
  • Supports conferencing with all major online collaboration apps;
  • Host meeting or join as a guest;
  • Share screen even without joining the call;
  • Control meetings on your laptop.
Video Сonferencing
Integrate your room calendar with JoinU to join video conferencing calls with a single click.

  • Integration with ALL popular calendar services;
  • Display upcoming meeting on the home screen;
  • View meeting room calendar and bookings;
  • On-Display meeting reminders;
  • Single click meeting join.
Meeting Calendar Integration
Say good bye to additional hardware. Just install JoinU Software solutions on your current equipment and use all the features of modern meeting room or classroom immediately.
What you'll get
Wireless screen sharing from any device in seconds. Supports up to 16 presenters at the same time.

  • Supports all major Operating Systems;
  • Supports up to 16 presenters & joint screen demonstration of up to 4 persons at the same time;
  • Pause sharing option for privacy mode;
  • Annotation & White boarding;
  • Switch between presenters in less than a second.
Screen Sharing and Presenting
Use meeting room displays as Digital Signage for corporate messaging.

  • Cloud based configuration;
  • Editable slide shows;
  • Displays become advertising space;
  • Broadcast corporate events or Birthday wishes.
Digital Signage
Manage all JoinU corporate devices from one computer.

  • Real time device status and management;
  • Cloud based data collection and analytics;
  • Application Store: 3rd Party application store for managing collaboration apps;
  • Content management for Digital Signage Campaigns;
  • Extended settings of JoinU App.
Online Dashboard
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JoinU Software works only on Intel platform with Windows 10 OS
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